A 5,000 sq.ft. renovation to house the Rotman School of Business' MARTIN PROSPERITY INSTITUTE within the MaRS Centre (and under the cupola of the former Toronto General Hospital).

A new way of thinking at an old institution prompted us to develop a series of new names for the spaces that would insert themselves within the existing brick walls: theBusinessCentre, theLobby, theLibrary, theCafe, theConferenceRoom and theBigRoom. A restrained palette of sustainable materials set the stage for a more colorful collection of furniture by Canadian and Great Lakes designers.

Although it was not accessible via the institute, there was a desire to make use of the cupola. Constructing access seemed a poor use of resources with very little real benefit. We proposed the cupola be internally illuminated (at a cost of $12 annually) as a beacon for the entire MARS Centre and that 20 holes be punched through the concrete ceiling in the library, spilling blue light into the space and (hopefully) capturing the imagination of researchers in the process.


Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business

Christian Unverzagt with Rachel Rush, Martha Merzig, Kristen Dean, Bill Watters

Consulting Architects: Frankland & Associates

General Contractor: PCL Construction

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Site characteristics: Interior office space
Area: 4,500 sq.ft.
Construction cost: withheld
Completion date: May 2008

Bamboo Plywood
DIRTT Wall System